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Adult Fiction Staff Recommendations

Recommendations to suit your reading tastes - romance, science fiction, mysteries and more.

Audiobook Choices

Listen to a selection of our newest fiction and non-fiction books on CD or mp3.

World Languages, Adult Literacy and ESL

Books in many languages PLUS materials for ESL and adult new readers.

Adult Non-Fiction Recommendations

Learn something new, explore the past or read about your favorite topics.

If You Liked...

Can't get enough of a favorite novel? Check out some other titles and authors you may love.

Books for Kids

Fun and fantastic books selected by staff for kids from the toddler years through upper elementary school.

New Adult DVDs

Front Row Center - The Library Movie Collection

Graphic Novels

Bam! Pow! From superheros to biographies! Check out our newest graphic novels!

Books for Teens

Top teen reads in mysteries, realistic fiction, twisted fairytales and more!

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