Computers & Internet

Tompkins County Public Library (TCPL) Information and Learning Services and Youth
Services departments offer the public free use of computers, software and internet
access. The Library provides access to all constitutionally protected information with
unlimited access to materials, and with no attempt to prevent patrons from legally
viewing materials or to prevent patrons from viewing materials some individuals may
find offensive. The internet offers a wealth of educational, recreational, and cultural
information that vastly increases the resources available to Library patrons. It is the
individual’s responsibility to choose which resources to access. Since the Library has no control over its content, individuals access the internet at their own risk. We caution
patrons to access and evaluate materials online as they would any printed source. At
TCPL, patrons must have a library card to access the computers and WiFi. By placing our public internet stations in high traffic areas, staff can ensure that our Library Code of Conduct and computer guidelines are being carefully followed. Individuals who violate these guidelines are asked to cease doing so or risk losing their computer and, in some cases, their Library privileges. Youth Services internet stations are located in the Youth Services department, and are restricted to children five to twelve (5 - 12) years old. Teen Internet stations are located in our Teen Center, and are available only to teens ages twelve to seventeen (12-17).

Computer Access Guidelines
(from Library Code of Conduct, October 2015)


  1. Internet use must be consistent with the current Library Code of Conduct, which
    is posted throughout the Library. Use of TCPL Internet computers and services is
    a privilege, and is not a right.
  2. Individuals twelve (12) years of age or younger must have the authorization of a
    parent or guardian to disclose personal information on the Internet.
  3. Children and young adults (ages 5 – 17) who are issued library cards will have
    unfiltered access to our collections and our services, including access to the
    internet through our public computers and WiFi service. Full responsibility for
    the use of materials and resources by minors (i.e. use by children under eighteen years of age) rests with their parents, guardians, and caregivers. Any restriction of children’s access to the internet is the responsibility of parents, guardians, and caregivers. Parents, guardians, and caregivers who do not want their children accessing the internet from library computers may opt them out of this service by notifying a staff member at Access and Circulation Services. Access to WiFi services via personal devices cannot be restricted based on age.
  4. Unauthorized disclosure of, use of, or dissemination of any minor's personal
    information by means of the internet, email, or any electronic technology is
  5. Images of child pornography, or those which are sexually explicit, obscene, or
    harmful to minors may neither be displayed nor printed, and are expressly
    prohibited under New York State Penal Law § 235.00-235.24.
  6. Internet computers and network services may not be used for illegal activities,
    including harassment of others. Patrons may not misrepresent themselves when using the internet.
  7. Library patrons may not tamper with, alter, edit, damage or remove computer
    hardware, data and/or software.

Internet Access - Wired & Wireless Access

  1. This internet access option is open to patrons of all ages. Parents, guardians, and caregivers are responsible for supervising and guaranteeing their children’s proper and safe use of the internet.
  2. Use of the Library's internet access constitutes acceptance of this internet policy.
  3. Library patrons are responsible for configuring equipment to access the Library's

Library-Supplied Internet Computers

  1. All internet users must be registered TCPL or FLLS library card holders.
  2. Internet computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis for the next
    available computer.
  3. Patrons may receive up to ninety (90) minutes of access per day on the
    Information and Learning Services internet stations or up to sixty (60) minutes per day on the Youth Services and Teen Center computers and this access may be divided among multiple sessions.
  4. Patrons may not extend their time by using additional library cards.
  5. Information and Learning Services Internet computers are reserved for adults and young adults ages thirteen (13) and older.
  6. Teen Internet computers are reserved for young adults (ages 12-17).
  7. Youth Services Internet computers are reserved for children (ages 5-12).
  8. TCPL reserves the right to limit the number of people at individual Internet


The Library provides wireless (Wi-Fi) service to users with laptops from anywhere in the building. A library card is required and there are no time limits. No printing service is available from the wireless service. For more information, check out the FAQs and Set-up Directions

Printing & Scanning

Black and white prints are 10¢ per page & color prints are 60¢ per page. No printing service is available for users using their own laptops and the wireless service (coming soon).

A scanner is available for emailing or saving scanned documents (library card required for log-in).

Software Available on Library Computers


Microsoft Office 2010

  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Publisher
  • Word

OverDrive Digital Download Station

Our download station allows users to check out library eBooks and eAudiobooks and then transfer the titles to their eReaders, MP3 players, iPods, etc. Please ask at the Adult Services Reference Desk for assistance.

WinWay Resume Deluxe

Available on the Library’s internet and word processing computers, the resume software features 14,000 sample resumes for more than 35,000 common job titles.  Users will also be able to:

  • Create persuasive resume cover letters, ad response letters and interview thank you letters.
  • Receive expert advice in full motion video to create professional looking resumes and cover letters and negotiate salary and benefits with confidence.
  • Find answers to 200+ difficult interview & salary questions.
  • Access current job openings anywhere in the U.S.A. from leading job search sites.

More information is available at

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing®

For Library Use on designated computers

Rosetta Stone®

For Library use only on designated computers.

  • Rosetta Stone Version 1: English (US) Level 1, 2 & 3
  • Rosetta Stone Version 3: English (US) Level 1, 2 & 3
  • Rosetta Stone Version 3: Spanish (Latin America) Level 1, 2 & 3


Early Learning Software

The four Early Learning Computers in the Children’s Room have software with activities ranging from reading & phonics to science & music, and some that are just for fun. Visit the children's webpage for Computers & Early Learning Software for more detailed information!


The Teen PC area has software for ages 12 - 17.

  • Career Spins (Independent Living Resources, Inc.)
  • High School Advantage (Riverdeep Educational Software)
  • Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games (Encore Software)
  • Kaplan SAT-ACT-PSAT (TOPICS Entertainment)
  • Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing (Encore Software)
  • Microsoft Office 2003
  • Microsoft Student 2006
  • WinWay Resume Deluxe (Nova Development Corp.)

Internet Services Available

For the purposes of system security and stability, Internet services available are limited. The following table describes the permitted services as well as some which are explicitly blocked.

Public Internet Access Computers

Web browsing & most web-based applications (HTTP & HTTPS)

Blocked Services
Telnet, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Peer-to-Peer (kazaa, eDonkey, Limewire, etc.)

Floorjacks & Wireless Access Network

Web browsing & most web-based applications (HTTP & HTTPS), Email (POP3, IMAP, SMTP), Secure Email (POP3-SSL, IMAP-SSL), USENET (NNTP)

Blocked Services
Telnet, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Peer-to-Peer (kazaa, eDonkey, Limewire, etc.), Ping (ICMP)

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