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County-wide Library Card to Begin February 1, 2011

Tompkins County Libraries

In an ongoing effort to provide quality customer service, directors of the Tompkins County libraries have announced plans to launch a county-wide library card.

Beginning February 1, patrons of Dryden (Southworth), Groton, Lansing, Newfield, Trumansburg (Ulysses Philomathic) and the Tompkins County Public Library will be able to borrow items and use the services of any county library with a single card.

This initiative will replace current regulations which require library users to hold a card from each library they use.

Patrons will be asked to select a "home" library during the first library visit following the roll-out. They will then be able to use the card from that library at any of the county's six libraries.

Participants will still be required to follow the existing policies and procedures of each individual library.


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