Hold Requests

You can place a hold on an item using our online catalog, and if it’s on our shelves, we will put it aside for you. If it’s checked out, we will hold it for you once it’s returned. If it’s at another library in the Finger Lakes Library System, we will have it sent to TCPL. Once we have put the item aside, you will be sent a notice to pick it up. We will hold the item for 8 days. All of this is free of charge. If you need help doing this from home, please contact Information & Learning Services at 607-272-4556 or Youth Services at 607-272-4557 x275.

There is no fee for holds on items picked up prior to the “unclaimed date” on this notice.  Items not picked up through the “unclaimed date” are subject to a $1.00 reshelving fee.

Hold position on a waiting list is affected by the choice of a pick-up location:

  1. A TCPL patron’s request (# 1) for a TCPL item to be picked up at TCPL will move to the top of the waiting list.
  2. A member library patron’s (# 2) request for a TCPL item to be picked up at TCPL will appear below patron #1.
  3. A TCPL patron’s request (#3) for a TCPL item to be picked up at a member library will appear below that of #1 or #2.

You will receive either an automated phone call or an email notice notifying to pick up the item at the Circulation desk.

Here Is How to Place a Hold Request

Click on 'Place Hold Request':

Place Hold Request

Enter your library card number by typing the ‘D’ or ‘d’ and the 10 numbers and password (usually, the last 4 digits of your phone number). Click on 'Log In':

Log in

Click on ‘Submit Request’:

Submit Request

Check to see if your request was successful:

Check your holds

Place an item-specific hold by clicking on ‘Call # & Availability’:

Place an item specific request

Click on ‘Click here to see items from other libraries…’:

Click here to see items from other libraries

Click on hand and book Hand and bookcorresponding to item you want:

Hand and book


Q: Is there a fee for placing a hold request?

A: We will charge a $1.00 re-shelving fee if the item is not picked up before its ‘unclaimed’ date (7 days from the date the item is placed on the holds shelf).

Q: How do I cancel hold requests and/or view their status?

A: You can display the requests you have made for materials (and cancel the requests, if necessary) through the Patron Account Requests option. After you log in, click on "Hold Requests” in the Patron Account submenu to display a list of your requests.

Note: For each item, the requests view displays the format and title of the item and the status of the request.

The following statuses are common listings:

  • Active - Your request for the item is active and waiting for the item to become available.
  • Pending - The lending library has earmarked the item for you.
  • Shipped - The item is being sent from a member library to TCPL to fill your request.
  • Held - The item has reached the Circulation Desk and is waiting for you to check out. This is when an email or mail notice is generated informing you the item is on hold.
  • Cancelled - The request has been cancelled. This list will also show cancelled hold requests for 60 days before they are deleted.
  • Unclaimed -The item was held for you at the library, but it was never picked up.

The numbers in the Hold Position column indicate the status of your request compared to other patron requests for the same item. The library notifies you when your request is available.

Note: The hold position indicates your request's status in relation to other requests system-wide (all member libraries in the Finger Lakes Library System). We fill our patrons hold requests first with our items.

To view and/or cancel hold requests, Login to your Library account.

Q: Can I request materials that are not in the Finger Lakes Library System?

Yes, for more information, please consult the information on Interlibrary Loans

Note: If you need to cancel an out-of-system hold request, please call the Library at 272-4557 ext. 259 or ext. 260. Please do not cancel out-of-system holds through your online patron account.

If you have more questions or need assistance from staff at the Adult Reference Desk, visit us in person or call 607-272-4556 or email, askalibrarian@tcpl.org.

Page last modified Nov 9, 2016