Class Registration

Registration Options for Class Visits

Dear Teacher:

Teachers often inquire about obtaining library cards for their entire class in anticipation of a class visit to the library. We are delighted when a teacher encourages students to become regular library users. The best way to register a class for individual library cards in preparation for a library visit is to obtain the registration cards in advance and distribute them to your students. Please allow enough time for us to receive and process the registrations before your scheduled visit.

Option 1

You may choose to have parents return the registration card to the library's Circulation Department individually. The library card will be issued to the child according to our regular procedures. Parents will need to provide proper identification when they come in, and will need to sign the card. This option is easiest for library staff to handle and also allows the occasional problem that arises to be solved directly with the parent.

Option 2

You may prefer to collect the completed registration cards from the students and return them to the Circulation Department yourself. If you choose this option, in order to avoid delays, and to ensure that all students have received cards in advance of the class visit, we will require your help.

Since there will be no parent present when a teacher returns registration cards we need to know that the information is correct, and that a parent has signed the card. Please check to be sure the registration cards are filled in properly.

We will mail the new library card to the student at home. We need one weekday per five new registrations to process the cards. Please give us enough time so that students can bring the card with them when the class visits the library.

Occasionally when processing a new registration we discover a problem which prevents us from issuing a new card. If you are able to wait a few moments, circulation staff may be able to quickly check the students' names against the data base and alert you when there is a problem.

Please remember that registration cards will require a parent's signature.

Contact Circulation Dept.

For more information from the Youth Services Dept. about group visits, please visit: Class Visits @ the Library

Page last modified Jul 8, 2014