Your Library Account

Access Your Account from Home

  1. Click on "My Account" located in the top horizontal bar above the title of this page.
  2. Type in your complete library barcode number located on the back of your card, including the “D.”
  3. Enter your password which in most cases is the last four-digits of your phone number.

To begin accessing your account, click here.

Q: Password - PowerPAC is asking me to type in my password along with my barcode number. Do I have a password?

A: Online patron accounts require your library card number and a password. This offers you added security for your library account. So if you like to renew your books or check your account online, you are now required to enter your password as well. To make this transition easier, we automatically assigned the last four-digits of your phone number as your password which you can change once you log in for the first time. Also, you must enter the D from your barcode. If your password is not working, please contact the Circulation Desk at 272-4557 x269. You must have your library card number when you call.

View Items Out on Your Account

Want to know what you have checked out and when they are due? Log in to your patron account and choose the tab at the top left of your screen that says, “Items Out.” This lists all items currently out on your card, when they are due, and the number of renewals left for each item.

To view items out on your account, click here.

Check for Fines and Fees

Once you have logged in to your patron account, click on “Fines & Fees” to see if you have any charges to your account.

To check for fines and fees, click here.

Save and View Your Reading History

The reading history is a convenient record of what you have read and what you might like to read again. It includes the title, author, check-out date, and loaning library for each item you have checked out. It does not show details such as renewals, due dates, or dates returned.

To activate your reading history, log in to your Patron Account and choose “Change Preferences” near the bottom of the screen. Place a checkmark in the box directly to the left of “Maintain permanent reading list” and click on “Submit.” If you agree to the privacy warning, PowerPAC will begin keeping your reading history for you. Anytime you want to view your reading history, select it from the Patron Account menu.

If you want to clear your reading history, you can stop the history and clear it from your patron account in the same way. In this case, the history is not kept at all. You can start a new reading history at any time.

Your reading history is associated directly with your patron account. If you have concerns about your privacy as a library patron, contact the library for specific information about the library's privacy policies or view our Patron Privacy Policy (revised 8-28-07).

To save and view your reading history, click here.

Create Saved Searches Using the Personalized Search Agent

Create a search, for example, on books about vegetarian cooking, and then save this search under your patron profile. When the Search Agent runs, it finds any new titles that have been added to the collection that match your search. You can schedule the frequency you want your Search Agent to search the catalog, then you will receive an email with these new titles.

Set up and Save a Search:

  1. Search by keyword, phrase, exact phrase, advanced, or Boolean search and click “Go.” Note: Each automatic search looks for titles new since the last time the search was run.
  2. Click “ Save Search” located under the “Sort by:” option.
  3. Type in your library barcode number and password, and click “Log In.” Fill out the fields on the Save Search form as follows:
    • Search name - Type a name to identify the search in your list of saved searches.
    • Note - Type a brief description (optional).
    • Email results to - Type any e-mail address to receive the results.
    • Email format - select HTML or plain text.
    • Email if no results - Check the box if you want to receive an e-mail when an automatic search returns no new results.
    • Search frequency - Specifies how often the saved search is automatically run ( Weekly , Monthly , or Suspend ). Select Suspend if you want to save the search to use later, but do not want regular results at this time. You can edit the setting to a different frequency later, or run the search manually when you choose.
    • Number of times to run - Type the number of times that the saved search should be run automatically. The library sets a maximum number for this setting.
  4. Click “Save Search.”
Page last modified May 3, 2012