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Reinvent Yourself

Question: Due to the economic downturn I recently lost my job and am looking for new ways to make and save money. Does the library have any resources that can help me in these endeavors?

Answer: The economic upheaval in the United States has left thousands of dedicated, talented professionals out of work after years of education and accomplishment in their fields. While many look at this sudden displacement as a frightening hardship, some view this new obstacle as an opportunity to reinvent their lives and their livelihoods. We've all been told the importance of doing what you love, but how many people really are willing to take a risk and pursue their dreams? If you're one of those thousands of people now sitting at home, unemployed, wondering what's next, this is your chance to join the millions of people looking for creative ways to put their talents and dreams to work in new and creative ways.

As is characteristic of this great nation, economic crisis has brought about a new sense of self-reliance and creativity, not helplessness. People are finding new ways to support themselves and uplift their communities through networking, bartering programs like Ithaca Hours, and technology-driven services like Ithaca Craigslist. Why not become part of the push forward? Consider your own talents and dreams, develop a plan, and find new ways to make yourself marketable in this economy. Learn how to use the internet to market your product, write a book, sell your crafts, or update your education in an area that interests you; whatever ideas you have been putting on hold, now is the time to pursue them.

TCPL has hundreds of resources for anyone ready to reinvent themselves; no matter what your age or interest. Here are a few tools to help you get started:

Book: A Passion For The Possible: A Guide To Realizing Your True Potential
by Houston, Jean. (158.1 Houston) Based on a PBS special, this is the first of two editions focused on unlocking hidden creative abilities.

Book: Reinventing Yourself: How to Become the Person You've Always Wanted To Be by Chandler, Steve (158.1 Chandler) Chandler discusses how to alter your perspective as well as your inner vocabulary to bring about desired changes in your life.

Book: The Idiot's Guide to Reinventing Yourself by Davidson, Jeffrey P. (158.1 Davidson) This book is designed for those who have no clue where to start in bringing about needed changes in their lives. It provides tips for evaluating where you are in all aspects of your life and designing a plan to get where you want to go in your career and in life.

Book: Visioning: Ten Steps To Designing The Life of Your Dreams by Capacchione, Lucia (153.3 Capacchio) After working with major corporations such as Disney, art therapist Capacchione applies simplistic yet profound therapy techniques to the individual, teaching the reader how to turn ideas into reality.

Book: Working identity: unconventional strategies for reinventing your career
by Ibarra, Herminia (650.14 Ibarra) Through a series of case studies, the author illustrates how changing your career is more than just an economical change, rather a creative and spiritual one.

Written by Susan Naylor, adult services librarian.

Page last modified May 3, 2012