Index of Births & Deaths by Olympia McFall

Here you will find death and birth notices from The Ithaca Journal (weekly), spanning 1858 to 1872, and The Ithaca Journal (daily) from July 1, 1872, compiled by library volunteer Olympia McFall beginning in 2008. The full notice, obituary, or news article is available for viewing and printing from microfilm copies of the newspapers available on 35mm reels in the library’s microfilm collection.

  • Death notices, Dec. 1854 to Dec. 1866 and Nov. 1869 to Dec. 1872, from the weekly Ithaca Journal (Ithaca, N.Y.),  published as the Ithaca Journal and Advertiser (1849 - July 11, 1866) and Ithaca Journal (1866 - 1917).
  • Death notices, July 1872 to June 1874 and Jan. 1915 to April 1918; and birth notices, Jan. 1915 to Apr. 1918, from the daily Ithaca Journal (Ithaca, N.Y.), published 1872 to the present.

Note: Death notices from 1872 were recorded from both the weekly and the daily Ithaca Journal (Ithaca, N.Y.)

Obituary Index by Name & Date of Death

Index - Sorted by Name Index - Sorted by Date of Death
December 1854 - June 1874 (Names) December 1854 - June 1874 (Death Date)
1914 - 1915 (Names) 1914 - 1915 (Death Date)
1916 (Names) 1916 (Death Date)
1917 (Names) 1917 (Death Date)
1918 (Names) 1918 (Death Date)
1919 (Names) 1919 (Death Date)
1920 (Names) 1920 (Death Date)

Births: Jan. 1915 - April, 1918 (by name) (PDF 725 KB)
Births: Jan. 1915 - April, 1918 (by date) (PDF 723 KB)

Olympia McFall
Olympia is a very special and dedicated volunteer who searches for birth and death announcements in The Ithaca Journal from the 1800's through the 1900's. The work provides her a glimpse into the past of Ithaca, Tompkins County, area towns, and the world. The most rewarding aspect for Olympia is being able to help someone, somewhere, find a missing link to their family history.

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City Cemetery Records

The City of Ithaca's City Clerk's Office has partnered with Gateway Mapping, Inc. and the NAMES IN STONE website to make limited burial record information available on-line. Additional genealogy information may be available by contacting the City Clerk's Office at (607) 274-6570.

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