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All parking, metered and garages, is free on evenings and weekends. There are metered spaces near the Library on Green Street and Cayuga Street. There is also fifteen minute free parking on Cayuga Street and in front of the Library on Green Street.

Two parking garages are very close to the Library.

  • The Green Street garage is across from the Library - enter from Green Street.
  • The Cayuga Street garage is across from the Holiday Inn - enter from Cayuga Street.

Garages charge $1/ hr.  to park between the hours of 2:00 AM and 8:00 PM. A parking attendant is on duty at the garages until 8:00 PM to collect any parking fees that may have accrued between these hours.

The under cover metered lot under the Green Street garage is a "Pay and Display" (centralized paystation) parking area and is enforced 24/7.

For more parking information and a map of downtown Ithaca, go to: Ithaca is ... DOWNTOWN!

If you have a handicapped-parking sticker, handicapped accessible spaces are on Cayuga Street and next to City Hall (across from the Library) as well as in all garages, near the elevators. Elderly people can be dropped off at the front entrance, where it is a short walk to the door, and where two mart-carts are readily available. Seniors who use public transportation, such as Gadabout and City buses, can be dropped off near the front entrance.

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For additional weather-related and emergency closings, please check the Library's blog, Closings & Delays for Tompkins County Public Library

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