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If you have trouble with the webform, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator and include as much of the followinginformation as you can in your email, volunteercoordinator@tcpl.org. Thank you.

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A yes answer will not necessarily disqualify you. Each case is evaluated on an individual basis in relation to the duties and responsibilities of the volunteer positon for which you have applied. You may omit parking violations. We will conduct a background check with the Sex offender Registry for those volunteers working with children.

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If under 18, you will need to bring proof with you stating that you have permission from your parent/guardian.

By clicking on the "Submit Application" button below, I am agreeing to the following:

I understand that the TCPL Library has the right to evaluate all applicants and will not accept a volunteer that would jeopardize the materials and services of the library or the safety of the library staff and patrons.

I understand that I am a volunteer and that there is no compensation for volunteer services at TCPL by TCPL.

I understand that as a TCPL Library volunteer I may come in contact with confidential information. I agree to protect this information in compliance with the New York State Civil Practice Law and Rules 4509 and will not divulge any information during or after my services as a volunteer.

I agree to abide by all library policies and understand that as a library volunteer I am representing the TCPL library and must portray a positive image at all times.

I consent for the TCPL Library to conduct thorough research on my background which may include a formal background check through the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Department.

I certify that all statements made on this application are true.

Note: If you experience difficulties applying online, please call: (607) 272-4557 ext. 226.

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