Graphic Designers in Ithaca & Tompkins County
Curated by Stefanie Green & Steve Carver


On display beginning Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Design is everywhere; virtually every object we encounter has been shaped by a designer. But because it is so omnipresent, we’re often unaware of the artist’s hand in improving the look, feel and functionality of products, or in communicating ideas about goods or services more effectively.

This exhibit showcases design executed by some of this area’s most prominent graphic artists. The commissions shown, whether awarded by local, regional or national clients, include an amazing variety of work in many different media: print, broadcast and internet-based. Corporate identity, magazine design, film promotion, web site development, consumer and trade advertising, work done for non-profits; the list includes these categories and numerous others.

The artists represented in this exhibit run the gamut from 35-year professionals (who started their careers in the 1970s with little more than a ruling pen and drawing board,) to a new generation of designers trained to push-the-envelope using the latest technologies available. This will be a show of contemporary work produced during the late 20th to early 21st centuries, and is not intended to be a historical survey of design.

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