A Senior Summer

On display throughout the Library
from July through September 30, 2009.

The Opening Reception will be held on Thursday July 9, 2009 5:00 to 7:00 PM in the BorgWarner Community Room.

Our local senior artists are connected and interact in many, often profound ways.  This display demonstrates some of the explorations and perceptions of shared memories and future dreams.

It is with pleasure the curators present to you images and abstractions as perceived by each artist who accepted the invitation to participate in paintings, photographic elements, or bronze, ceramic, wood, or metal sculptures.  Some works reverberate in vibrant colors, others transmit their substance in more muted tones.  Composition, color, line, and form culminate in the artist’s creation.  The different media represented in this show convey emotion, energy and mood, as expressed solely by each artist.  The understanding, harmony, innovation and maturity that these artists have gained is reflected in their work and constitutes their legacy.

Dedication Germaine Colvin
When we first started working on A Senior Summer Germaine Colvin was our leader and guide and provided the inspiration for this show. 

In recent weeks as she become increasingly ill we necessarily had to take over more of the work involved in curating the show.  We have continually kept her ideas and concept of the show in mind. 

We now dedicate this show to Germaine Colvin who dedicated her life to art, education and humanity, to all local seniors and to all fledgling artists in our Tompkins Community.

                             Mary Schuler and Suzanne Kilgore

Featured Artists

Catalog (PDF)

Germaine Colvin
Sue Kilgore
Mary Schuler
Joan Swenson
Betty Jeanne Boggs
Elisabeth Gross-Marks
Liese Bronfenbrenner
Mary O’Brien
Nari Mistry
Carol L. Miller
Michael F. Miller
Virginia Cobey
Ann Dyckman
Ethel Vrana
David O. Watkins, Jr.
Annette Corth
Lenore Bandler
Meyer Stolov
Susan Stolov
Margaret C. Nelson

Renee Freed
Marion Norberg
Robin Spry-Campbell
Dora Donovan
Carol Abitabilo Ast
Gwenyth Warner
Carol Bagger Skinner
Mary Ann Bowman
Stan Bowman
Libby deProsse
Norma Prendergast
George Rhoads
Daphne Sola
Louise Rossmann
Ellie Jones
Mary Lou Charles
Ben Sherman
Ruth Schwarz
Gurdon Brewster
Marion Van Soest

For further information about this exhibit contact Sally Grubb at sgrubb@tcpl.org, or call 607-272-4557.

This exhibit is made possible in part by a grant to the Tompkins County Public Library Foundation from the Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County.

Community Arts Partnership

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