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These titles are available at the Tompkins County Public Library.

F Kafka Kafka, Franz.
The Trial
A new translation based on the the restored text. Cornell University edition. Schocken Books, 1999, c1998.

Biographical Information

B Kafka Adler, Jeremy D.
Franz Kafka
Overlook Press, 2002, c2001.
B Kafka Brod, Max.
Franz Kafka: A Biography
De Capo Press, 1995.
B Kafka Hayman, Ronald.
K: A Biography of Kafka
Phoenix Press, c2001.
B Diamant Diamant, Kathi.
Kafka's Last Love: The Mystery of Dora Diamant

Basic Books, 2003.
B Kafka Grusa, Jiri.
Franz Kafka of Prague
Schocken Books, 1983.
B Jesenska Hockaday, Mary.
Kafka, Love and Courage: The Life of Milena Jesenska
Overlook Press, 1997.
B Kafka Karl, Frederick.
Franz Kafka: Representative Man
Ticknor & Fields, c1991.

Criticism and Interpretation

833.912 Kafka The Cambridge Companion to Kafka
Edited by Julian Preece.
Cambridge University Press, c.2002.
New Book
833.912 Kafka
Franz Kafka
Edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom.
Chelsea House Publishers, c2003.
833.912 Kafka Franz Kafka's The Trial
Edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom.
Chelsea House Publishers, 1987.

Online Biographical Information, Criticism and Interpretation

Biography Resource Center

Grolier Online

Literature Resource Center

Twayne's Authors Series

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Additional Works by Franz Kafka

F Kafka Amerika: The Man Who Disappeared
F Kafka The Castle
838.91203 Kafka The Diaries, 1910-1923
Schocken Books, [1988], c1976.
F Kafka The Complete Stories
F Kafka The Metamorphosis and Other Stories
F Kafka The Metamorphosis, In the Penal Colony and Other Stories
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