2011 Community Read Homer and Langley by E.L. Doctorow

Resources for Book Discussion Groups

E. L. Doctorow Web Site

This web site is the perfect place to start for author and book information. Included is biographical information about Doctorow, a comprehensive list of his books, links to audio and video interviews with Doctorow, plus reviews and articles about the author.

Time Magazine’s Coverage of the Collyer Brothers

Doctorow’s book was based on the real-life story of the Collyer brothers. When they died in 1947, wealthy New York City society was shocked to learn of their hoarding. Read how Time Magazine covered their deaths in 1947.

Biographical Information about the Collyer Brothers

Doctorow took liberties describing the Collyer brothers and even had the brothers live longer than they actually did. Find about how the Collyer brothers really lived in their New York apartment.

LitLovers Guide to Homer & Langley

A great site that gives a summary of the book, author information, a page of book reviews, and discussion questions.

The International OCD Foundation Hoarding Center

One of the main subjects of Homer and Langley deals with the catastrophic issue of hoarding. Learn more about this disorder, and how it is different from collecting.

Random House Reader's Guide for Homer & Langley

Find discussion questions, a video of E.L. Doctorow talking about how the Collyer brothers inspired "Homer & Langley" and more.

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