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Is your book discussion group looking for different discussion questions to use for your group? While most adults have probably read The Great Gatsby at least once in their lives, most people probably need some help thinking of appropriate questions for a book group meeting.

This list of alternative sources for finding discussion questions will help you not only discover great new questions, but in some cases will provide you with biographical information about F. Scott Fitzgerald, offer chapter summaries for each of the nine chapters in the novel, and list links for the various movie adaptations.


Bookrags is a commercial web page offers a free study guide on The Great Gatsby. Some of the many things provided on this web page include an author biography, a one-page plot summary, descriptions of the characters, and chapter summaries for all nine chapters. This web page would be useful for book group members to brush up on individual chapters, and to use for a summary of the book.

The Duluth Public Library’s web page

The Duluth Public Library in Duluth, Minnesota read The Great Gatsby for a Community Read choice also. This page supplies book groups with ten questions to consider for book group meetings, from the meaning of the title, to why The Great Gatsby is considered a classic novel. Their resource guide at the bottom of the page has links to a F. Scott Fitzgerald biography, and a list of works by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This web page is great for a group needing a simple set of discussion questions that cover a broad area.

The Bedford Free Public Library’s web page

Bedford, Massachusetts chose The Great Gatsby in 2005 to be their Community Read book. This web page gives book group leaders thirteen questions to consider, from questions about the Jazz Age, to the downfall of Gatsby’s dream. If viewers click on the “One Book” link on the upper left hand side of the page, they are brought to a main OneBook page that has links to F. Scott Fitzgerald biographical information, character guides, and helpful tips for book discussion group leaders.

A Research Guide for Students

This commercial web page provided numerous links to a wide variety of things related to The Great Gatsby. Interested in a chronology of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life or a link to a concordance of the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald? This web page provides these links and more to a interested users. There are links to analysis and criticism of the novel, study guides, lesson plans (which are often useful to book discussion groups for access to simple book discussion group questions and plot summaries), and information about the different film versions of The Great Gatsby. This is a great web page for book discussion group members to begin with.

The English Department of Illinois State University

Illinois State University’s English Department provides the most detailed web page that features The Great Gatsby discussion questions. This link gives book discussion groups access to 38 different questions, from the theme of innocence in the novel, to why things don’t work about between Daisy and Gatsby. This web page is a great source for book groups needed a wide variety of questions.

Sarah Glogowski
Adult Services Librarian
Tompkins County Public Library
July 2006

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