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This Summer 2003 - Join a Community-wide Reading of Sophocles' Antigone

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Introduction to Ithaca Reads Antigone

By popular request Tompkins County Public Library hosts the 2nd annual Community Reading. The library, working in cooperation with Cornell University's New Student Reading Project, brings Sophocles' Antigone to Ithaca and Tompkins County.

Copies of the Cornell edition of Antigone are now available in the library. Additional copies are being distributed to the community libraries in Danby, Caroline and Lansing, to the rural libraries in Trumansburg, Groton, Dryden and Newfield and can be borrowed through the Finger Lakes Library system.

Tompkins County Public Library also has sets of copies for reading groups, community centers and other organizations interested in joining this year's Community Reading. For more information about these books please contact Shelley Garvey at 272-4557 ext. 249 or


Antigone is a timeless story of a heroic, tragic figure who defends her integrity and ideals to the death. It is a great classic drama dealing with family loyalties and gender conflict, with civil unrest and the right of government over the individual, with the thirst for personal power and divine law. The selection of Antigone brings together literature, theater, and history, and offers opportunities for discussion of current events as well as a distant past which still has relevance today.

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in this exciting community event. Tenth-grade students throughout the county will be reading Antigone at school this fall. Cornell Center for Theatre Arts opens their season with a new production of Antigone. Tompkins County Public Library is hosting special events during September and October. Don't be left out! Join the rest of us and read Antigone.

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Cornell University Edition
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